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Vitality Restored a Holistic Health and Healing Service was founded over 40 years ago by Ms Yocheved Bat-Imedt, a Registered Nurse, Holistic Health Consultant, & Healing Arts Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Asthma Consultant.

Vitality Restored offers, in addition to Stress Relief, Holistic Health Consultations, including Nutrition as well as Holistic Support for Acute and Chronic Health Issues. Consultations are a combination of both Oral and Written.

There are a variety of healing modalities available that actually include both Energetic and Physical healing. To name a few there is: Massage, Therapeutic Bodywork, Reiki, Reflexology, and Cranio-Sacral.

Vitality Restored offers Reiki Training and Certification as well as Classes in Basic Reflexology with Certification and Training in FAFAA-First Aid For Asthma Attacks.

From time-to-time Vitality Restored offers Holistic Events
The Service also provides Interesting Articles and Blogs for its Readers to increase Their Knowledge Base.

Why not Revitalize and Improve Your Health with the Services of Vitality Restored, by calling or leaving a text message on
What’sApp +1 646 312 9172 or call +233 20 261 6881.

Vitality Restored Challenges YOU to RECLAIM YOUR VITALITY!!!


Client Testimonials

Who is Ms Yocheved?

Just Read the Client Testimonials and Find Out!

As a long-time recipient of Ms Yocheved’s miraculous service, I can assure you that Ghana has acquired a GEM in the field of health & wellness.

Kudos & remember to handle her with care, appreciation & respect.
Malika Hassan

Ms. Yocheved Bat-Imedt Is nothing short of INCREDIBLE!… Her demeanor is friendly and wise, but there’s a youthfulness, vitality, and playfulness to her as well.

Anyone would be so lucky to receive ANY of her gifts/services from…
Cannon Mapp

Meeting Ms Yocheved has been such a blessing… and with her support and knowledge has further helped me in my healing journey.

Ms Yocheved is a beacon of wisdom and anyone who has the opportunity to receive her gifts is blessed!
Shana Trajanoska


Greetings! Ms Yocheved has been my “go to” health advisor & support person for more than 15 years. Her gentle healing hands have help me to overcome several severe health crises. Her process of administering colonics is stress free & extremely effective. This coupled with her body work method (e.g., personal individualized massage) equals a total health revitalization session.

As a long-time recipient of Ms Yocheved’s miraculous service, I can assure you that Ghana has acquired a GEM in the field of health & wellness.
Kudos & remember to handle her with care, appreciation & respect.

Malika Hassan


Ms. Yocheved Bat-Imedt Is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! There’s no need to sensationalize or embellish my experience because it was amazing, simply put. She is a natural healer. There are certain people where care, compassion, and a willingness to aid just ooze from them. She must walk with the ancients, or invisible beings because I felt absolutely transported while being under her holistic care.

I saw (Mama) Yocheved for my very first colonic. She completely walked me through the process very calmly and explained very clearly what it would entail. She mentioned that her approach to colonics is different, in the sense that she likes to get her clients involved in the process- in terms of movement, and positioning.

While the machine was working, she instructed me to massage my stomach and told me exactly how I should be lying down, and when to switch. For something that was a completely foreign experience she made it feel very comfortable. She gave me very specific instructions on what my diet should consist of afterwards, in order to continue to experience the benefits of the colonic and relieve the gas.

Next, I saw her for a Cranial Sacral and Therapeutic Bodywork massage- which was also a first for me. The way she worked on me was like she had literal light and energy running though her fingers. I can’t really explain it, but it was certainly a feeling. At the time I saw her I was going through a very emotionally taxing time- and after she worked on me, I felt as if a ton was lifted off me. I smiled immediately after the massage and thanked her profusely.

Her extensive knowledge on both Eastern and Western Medicine, anatomy and physiology, diet, lifestyle, and spiritual practices make her a delight to engage in conversation with. Her demeanor is friendly and wise, but there’s a youthfulness, vitality, and playfulness to her as well.

Anyone would be so lucky to receive ANY of her gifts/services from Bodywork, Reiki, Colonics, Cleansing and more. Ms Yocheved is one of the very best!

Cannon Mapp


Meeting Ms Yocheved has been such a blessing. My first colonic experience was life changing. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease in her presence. She was always willing to answers my questions or concerns and with her support and knowledge, further helped me in my healing journey. Ms Yocheved is a beacon of wisdom and anyone who has the opportunity to receive her gifts is blessed!

Shana Trajanoska


I have had the opportunity to receive healing body treatments, Reiki, and Colonics from Ms Yocheved for the past couple of years. Under her care, I have paid more attention to my body and changed my mindset. She makes you comfortable and reassures you that you are in good hands.

Her years of practice and her experience as a Holistic Practitioner are a testimony of her commitment for healing. Her tender touch has revitalized me and her knowledge about herbs :herb: are quite impressive. She makes a tincture the organic way.

Her services [since moving] are missed by many, as she offers the knowledge to others to assist in their wellness. Giving her thanks for sharing with the community.

Jacinta Brown


My name is Awudey Godwin Morkporkpor, from the Volta Region of Ghana, Ho. Let me start by saying that I highly recommend Ms Yocheved Bat-lmedt…She’s very attentive as well as thorough. Willing to listen to her clients as well as make recommendations for the best means of care possible… After my massage treatment with her I feel like a brand-new person. Thanks for your work, Mom.



It was my first experience of reflexology and craniosacral therapy,  and I must say  Ms Yocheved did a wonderful massage because I have been having a series of migraines and after the reflexology and  craniosacral treatment it works like magic, and I felt much  lighter and calmer within myself and it made me aware of some the things my body had stored and was carrying for a very long time. And ever since I have been sleeping well at night.

Eric Okyere


Greetings to all, I have been a patient of Ms Yocheved for several years and her knowledge of holistic health and healing are exceptional. Ms Yocheved has treated me for chronic constipation and pain with positive results.  Through diet and colonic’s, I can use the bathroom freely.

And my husband has used her formulation of herbal tinctures for severe lower back pain. His results are unbelievable to us and his doctors.

After having surgery, My husband had zero pain, zero pain. When he returned to his doctor for the follow up appointment, his doctor told him to stop taking the medication prescribed by him and continue to use the herbs because it’s working. Ms Yocheved is a healer.

Catherine Williams


I would like to thank you [Ms Yocheved] for your service that you have given to me and so many others. I will not forget you for the fact that you renewed my spirit and faith and put me on a new path to better myself in how I eat and to help me to heal. I thank you so much.

Gloria StCyr


Ms Yocheved is an exceptional Reiki master, Masseuse and Colon hydro-therapist. she is very detailed about what she is doing and how she is doing it. She is also very patient. I had so many questions as to why she was targeting certain parts of my leg, or my feet and she was intricate and thorough in answering all of my questions. Ms Yocheved let me know certain parts of my feet are connected to the uterus. She is so knowledgeable.

She is efficient and sufficient when it comes to her services. Every human needs a Ms Yocheved on their team.

Jaki Senat


“I have had a hard time losing weight, I tried almost everything from dieting to working out every day, but I could not lose the bulk around my waist, I talked to a  family friend and she suggested that I get a colonic.

She referred me to a health therapist by the name of Ms Yocheved at a facility in Brooklyn, N.Y. Well to my surprise Ms Yocheved was absolutely awesome and very professional with a great sense of humor & an extensive wealth of health knowledge. I felt so great after my session that I bought 2 more sessions, which enabled me to  kick started my weight loss

What a great resource she has been, personally I wish regular health physicians & nutritionist would  suggest colonics  instead of prescription medications.”

Wayne Hepburn


It has been a wonderful experience to my whole body  especially my eyes, after going through the  reflexology and craniosacral massage therapy ,the pain in my eyes suddenly started going down ,and now l can sleep very well. This therapy is a must try to  all, thank you Miss Yocheved for allowing yourself for God to use you.

Andrew Kofi Okyere


Good day, my name is Paul , I had severe back pain after a car accident few years ago, unfortunately after another incident I was unable to walk properly. I started taking physical therapy for about(3) weeks which is when I was told about Ms Yocheved. After getting several back and legs massages [Cranial Sacral Therapy] and her herbal blend for one month I am still impressed, no more pain and I continue to eat my food as I do. Excellent experienced Person and excellent herbal product.

Paul Townsend


I have been a client of Ms Yocheved for more than 10 years. I started seeing Ms Yocheved for colon hydrotherapy treatments.

I sought colonic treatments after reading that colonics were extremely beneficial for those suffering from chronic constipation, digestive disorders, and stress. Since working with Ms Yocheved, I found her unique energy and gentleness allowed me to relax and feel confident that she would take the best care of me.

Ms Yocheved’s gentle touch and use of soothing music, again added to making the experience comfortable and healing both physically and mentally. I always left the treatment feeling rejuvenated. Thank you for being you Ms Yocheved.

Robin S.


Ms. Yocheved gives the best full body massages. She incorporates Reiki and other healing modalities into her process. When I met her, I hadn’t received a massage in years, and never any like the ones she gave me. I’m seriously thinking of flying to Ghana just to experience her healing energy.

Gillian Thomas


“Vitality Restored”

Some fifteen or twenty years ago, I was introduced to Ms Yocheved’s Vitality Restored regimen of living health protocols. At the time I was succumbing to occasional lower back pains that prevented me from getting a full night’s sleep.

Ms Yocheved presented me with a daily plan of hydration, stretching, massage, herbal preparations and meditative gemstone techniques that has ever since altered the way that I live my life. I’m no longer affected by such minor aches and pains and have been practicing a consistent whole life approach to regenerative healing.

Now, in my seventies, I feel as youthful and energetic as I was in my thirties. I attribute my vigor to Ms Yocheved’s dynamic inspired healthy techniques. Thank you so much Ms Yocheved.

Tehuti Mukes


Subtle and sweet, yet a pervasive essence of Paulo Santo invites me into the well-arranged pleasant soft blue room. Relaxing music was then added to the ambiance…

The seasoned skilled hands of Ms Yocheved give a deep healing massage with meaningful touches of Reiki, Reflexology, and some Cranial Sacral techniques.

I did not want to leave this deep state of relaxation. I only got up because I had to– the session was over! Therapeutic Body Work with Ms Yocheved can do so much for rendering stressful tension release and calm uplift of mood.

Millie Bradley, Retired NY Teacher


Dear Ms Yocheved, I just want to share a quick note and to let you know that you did a wonderful job when you gave those Therapeutic Massages. you massaged away all my aches and pains  and you also gave some great advice on how I should take proper care of myself. I also want to tell you how much I really miss getting those Massages now that you have moved away. I can imagine how much a delight you are to your new clients. Keep up the good work.  

Veronica Brown


My name Rosi DeJean, I have been a client of Ms. Yocheved for almost 15 years. I went for a treatment at Geb Hetep, and Ms. Yocheved was assigned as my therapist. I received more than a colonic therapy treatment that day. I was treated with care and consideration, and after my session was over, I could really see a difference in my body function, no more sluggishness. I felt lighter, my stomach cramps disappeared, and I had a glow in my skin.

Ms. Yocheved is a well versed in her herbal remedies. She is the only person I trust with any ailments I suffer from. Ms. Yocheved is highly recommended to provide natural remedies and colonic therapy.

Rosie DeJean


My experience in getting a colonic with Ms Yocheved has been one of the best experiences I have ever encountered. For many years I suffered from severe eczema and extreme constipation. My eczema was so bad it depressed me, and the cuts were so opened on my hands that I could not grasp anything. I definitely was hesitant in getting a colonic, but Ms Yocheved reassured me that I would be fine. I trusted her and I am glad I did.

During the colonic massages were given on my abdominal area as well as my feet. This relaxed me and I was able to achieve my release. The massages were intense, but I felt a connection with Ms Yocheved and her speaking to me during the session made me feel at ease. When I walked out of there, I was so relaxed and slept like a baby.

A few weeks later my eczema was gone. Twenty-eight years later my eczema has never returned and continue to do colonics and watch my diet. Thank you for always welcoming me with your bright smile and having that connection with me during such a vulnerable time.

Monica Prado


-My name is Asquith Bryan I have been troubling with back pain for the past 20 years. I got introduced to Ms Yocheved Bat-Imedt for treatment…I have no complaints now. I am able to move my back in any position now. Thanks to Ms Yocheved again for treating my back after so many years of pain. Keep up the good work Ms Yocheved. You are blessed. Thank you so much again.

Asquith Bryan


I had the privilege of meeting Ms Yocheved last year. I was suffering from excruciating back pain on my lower right side. The pain did not allow me to sleep no matter what position I moved into.

The first time I visited, I went in for a Foot Reflexology. I was expecting a regular foot massage. There was nothing ordinary about the Reflexology. Ms Yocheved touched certain points on my foot that were painful. She explored each area individually. As she pressed, we did intense breathing and I pushed into the pain for a succession of 4 times.

By the time we got to the 4th round the pain in that part of the foot was gone. Now here is the amazing thing…. I never stated what ailment I was suffering from. After Ms Yocheved finished working on that area of the foot, she told me, “This is the area of your foot that was impacting your lower back, right side”.

I was in a state of shock to know that areas of my foot corresponded to other body parts. Once finished, Ms Yocheved recommended stretches for the area and until this day, I have not experienced any pain in that area. Ms Yocheved taught me a lot about the importance of breathing and confronting the pain.

I went to her on other occasions with her touching the points of my feet that corresponded with other areas of my body that were suffering. She has healing hands and I am a firm believer in her abilities.

Also, Reiki sessions with her cleared my mind and made me feel lighter spiritually. I am forever grateful for Ms Yocheved!!!

Thank you Ms Yocheved ❤️

Cara Batson-Lloyd


My name is Kirk, and for 7 years, Ms. Yocheved Bat-Imedt was my Massage Therapist. She is Exceptional without question. She is truly a Gem. It is hard to find someone that can pinpoint exactly what your body needs. I fell off my bicycle and was having pain in my knees I went to see her for a session when I left the pain had completely disappeared. Ms.Yocheved Bat-Imedt is the real deal.

Kirk T. – Brooklyn New York


I’ve had many great service encounters with Ms Yocheved, for years. From Colonics to Reiki to Body Massage Therapy. All of these services collectively have helped me be a better being in all dimensions…

I know that when I set up an appointment with her it’s not like the average appointment. Ms Yocheved goes the extra mile regardless of what you are getting done and really is concerned about you. That type of business transaction is not seen often between customer and business.

Ms Yocheved is a jewel and a walking library that I am happy and grateful to have had one on one time with. Don’t skip out on her and the experience.

Marisha L. Horn

Beth Vertucci-- WhatsApp Image 2023-09-07 at 23.00.54

I have been fortunate to be a client of Ms Yocheved Bat-Imedt, for over six years. At that time my health was poor. My life was affected by chronic IBS, migraines, GERD, barettes esophagus, fibromyalgia osteoporosis, arthritis, angina, etc.; and I was on several prescription drugs. I have experienced improvement and healing in all these areas.

I saw Ms Yocheved for Colonics and Reflexology for over a period of six years. The Colonics she gave me were more effective than ones I had had previously.

Her unique holistic approach to colonics included massage, pressure points, music, and changes in my diet. I went from taking IBS medication daily to not having to take any medication. I no longer wake up with painful cramps, spending half my morning in the bathroom. Ms Yocheved’s expertise and encouragement helped me make the transition to a vegan diet.

Ms Yocheved listened to me, inspired me, and always encouraged me to make health a priority- physical, mental, and spiritual.

Beth Vertucci

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Vitality Restored Services

Body Work

Balances the body’s energy, leaving Youfeeling peaceful, relaxed, and rejuvenated while facilitating the relief of acute andchronic pain or discomfort.


Soothe away Your stress, anxiety, those tired sore aching muscles and joints with“ Ms Yocheved’s Massage Therapy,” an ‘Authentic’ type of Massage.


“Ms Yocheved’s Reflexology” is a Powerful Energetic treatment that is used inhelping to prevent illness, promote healing and wellness, through the application of pressure to the feet using the tip of the thumb.


An Energetic, non-invasive treatment, “Ms Yocheved’s Reiki.” Think of a Reikisession as a form of “laying on of hands” except that the Practitioner may or maynot actually touch You; the Practitioner may just hover over You or barely touchYou, as Reiki is non-invasive.


CranioSacral therapy is an Energetic minimally invasive therapy that balances thebody and supports the relief of pain through the gentle rhythmic release andmovement of the fascia.


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