Hey, Ms Yocheved here…

Founder & CEO of Vitality Restored, llc

LOL … actually writing this bio is a kind of therapy for Me because I generally don’t talk much about Myself, and so now You get to—oh never mind…let Me just give You the short skinny about Me.

As You will soon see, I have an Eclectic array of
Interests. In addition to Blogging, being a Vegetarian since 1964, totally Vegan during the 70s and now a Raw Vegan for 25 years. I am for the past 45 years, a Registered Nurse, Holistic Health & Healing Arts Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and for over 35 years a Holistic Asthma Consultant.

An Energetic Healing Arts Practitioner, My renowned
“Therapeutic Body Work,” is a comprehensive system
that incorporates both energetic and physical healing modalities. Process supports both the body’s healing process and relief of acute and chronic pain.
I am also a Reiki Practitioner since 1989 and Reiki Master since 1992.

Formerly a dietician before becoming a nurse, I am a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and after some years of study, an Herbalist. Sometime between the late 80s and early 90s I became a Colon Hydro-therapist providing colonics.

As well as being the Author and Publisher of the book “Golden Wings, Holistic Approach To Managing Asthma,” I am the Founder & CEO of FAFAA-First Aid For Asthma Attacks, LLC. I have pioneered for over 30 years an Integrative Holistic Emergency Action Plan that teaches you how to help save a life when someone is having an asthma attack even if there is no inhaler.

For additional FAFAA information and training, You can view the website and download one of the 2 Tutorials. 

Well, along with all the mundane stuff, I am a trained vocalist and performer since the 1980s. Singing ballads, standards, blues, and jazz. My CD, “Ybati Less is More” can be found on cdbaby.com. The CD has 15 tunes that feature my vocals with Les Kurtz on piano. Over the years I have taken a variety of acting and dance classes and have performed in a number of stage productions, including a Musical Revue on Broadway,

A blogger for years, I have written a number of diverse articles, many of which can be found on the internet, including articles about the benefits of Urine Therapy.

You know… if I must say so Myself, Yours Truly can be quite adventurous too. A few years ago, while visiting My Daughter in Boulder Colorado, I fearlessly took a ride up in a hot air balloon, while leaving My Daughter and Son-in-Law anxiously waving to me as I floated off…oh well… I forgot to tell You—at that time I was very much afraid of heights.

A few years after that, I had Them drop Me off in Colorado Springs for 4 days. While They were gone, I went horseback riding and zip-lining, floating through the air from one side of something to the other side of something. Later, I crossed a 3-lane highway (that was challenging) and walked back 10 miles to the hotel. My fear of heights…Hmm, well for the most part I can say that I USED to be afraid of heights.

Now for those of you who may not know, Madam Pompadour– (LOL…that be Me) is a Numerologist and have been since 1970s. I had an ad in a local newspaper that helped pay My bills while attending nursing school. Though not as active as days past, I will still do a chart or two from time to time. If You’re lucky I may do Yours. Oh, are You wondering what Numerology is? Well…Just google…

Okay… let me see what else…Oh yes… I also take Pilates two-three times week and lift two 10 lb. weights every other day. On my next birthday I’m gonna be… oh never mind, anyway I can still turn rope and jump double-dutch; as Ralph Smart would say…”and Can I Get a HELLO…” LOL…Wondering who Ralph Smart is… well You know what to do, just…Yes, exactly!

Oh, about ‘Madam Pompadour,’ well…that’s a name my mother used to call me whenever she felt I was getting just a little too beside myself. With her hands on her hips looking real ticked off, she would yell, “GURRL…JUST WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, MADAM POMPADOUR?” Now back then did I know who was Madam Pompadour ?!!” No…Do I know who she is now? — No, but if YOU want to know—Just Google!

Oh yes, and then there’s the time I walked over burning hot coals without getting burned, but… that’s another story for another time. OOOKAY… I’m away now…Seeee Yaaah…