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Urine Therapy…Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment And Then Some…

Urine Therapy…Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment And Then Some…

Drink Your Own Urine…Natural Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Treatment And Well-Kept Secret!

Yes, I know, urine therapy may seem repugnant to You, but this natural anti-aging skin care treatment is nothing new and in fact since time immemorial has been (and still is) in use in many Cultures around the world for centuries.

Most of Us are probably unaware that the most powerful, least expensive, and easily obtainable medicine in the world is right within Our reach –all We need is a glass.

Yes, drinking your own urine is a well-kept secret that is finally coming out of the closet.

Perhaps You have heard of people trapped in mines or lost in a desert wilderness who stayed alive by drinking Their urine. It may have seemed like a pretty drastic course, even for Someone threatened with the possibility of death, however You may be surprised to know that urine therapy is more than an emergency measure.

There is overwhelming evidence that supports its successful use in areas of health. I guess that’s why it has been in use for hundreds of years.

Urine Therapy Please… Take a Look at This 2 Minute Video

Urine, a By-Product of The Blood Filtered by The Kidneys  is Actually Sterile

To gain some insight as to how urine therapy works, let’s start here…Urine is composed of 95% water and 5% urea which is composed of solids and other substances which are peculiar to the individual body, produced in the exact combination needed at the time. A few of the substances found in the urine include antibodies, antigens, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

urine therapyUrine, a by-product of the blood which has been filtered by the kidneys is actually sterile but becomes contaminated once it comes in contact with the genitalia. So,as You can see this is a customized drink specifically tailored to meet Your needs.

Today more and more people around the world are becoming aware of the benefits of drinking Their own urine. Pharmaceutical companies use urine products to produce a number of drugs, including anti-neoplastic agent Hydrodoxyurea capsules, moisturizer cream Eucerin Plus and Urokinase, an enzyme found in urine and used in certain procedures by physicians to dissolve blood clots. If You read the label on some cosmetic creams, You’ll see ‘urea’ as one of the ingredients.

Benefits of urine therapy include the stimulation of the lymphatic system and the evacuation of the bowel which rids the body of waste and toxins thus contributing to the anti-aging process.

Massaging urine directly into Your skin can bring amazing results. There are those advocates who like to massage Their urine into Their skin and hair before a shower. The result is softness and vibrancy. Mixing urine with Your favorite skin cream can increase the benefits of that cream as the urine gets absorbed right into the skin.

Rubbing Urine on Your Face and Neck Every Morning Will Give Your Face a New and Younger Look

After washing Your face in the morning rubbing Your plain urine on Your face and neck every morning will over time give Your face a new and younger look. You may not notice the change at first, but other people will– saying, “oh Your skin is beautiful what do You use on it” or “Your skin is glowing” or “I can’t believe You’re the age You say You are—You haven’t got a wrinkle. ” These are just some of the comments You can expect.

With Urine Therapy You Don’t Have to Worry…

Now I know You’re wondering so I’ll just tell You…No with urine therapy You don’t have to worry about smelling the odor of the urine on Your skin. Urine gets absorbed through the skin and leaves no odor. Your skin will just have a ‘salty taste’ as though You had been sweating. Urine and sweat after all do have similar compositions.

Naturally along with drinking urine, it is advisable to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat fresh raw fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens instead of devitalized fast food and other refined processed foods.  Eating a 85% vegan raw food diet, will allow your body to reap the benefits that go along with eating healthy. Your youthful skin will have a new zest. Regular exercise as simple as daily walking will do much to promote Your skin rejuvenation.

To Get Started With This Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment…

The simplest way to get started is probably by putting a drop or two of urine under your tongue. After a day or two increase your intake to a sip; stay with that for a couple of days, gradually advancing until you are drinking eight ounces or more per day.

The first morning urine is the most potent as it contains a higher concentration of hormones, minerals and other vital elements following the night’s rest. Wash genitalia  prior to urinating and catch the midstream. Avoid drinking the beginning and end streams.

Two or more ounces of urine taken on a daily consistent basis will strengthen the immune system and detoxify your body. As your body begins to cleanse or detoxify, you may initially experience nausea or vomiting, headaches, skin eruptions, fatigue, diarrhea or just a feeling of uneasiness.

Do not panic. These reactions are normal and reactions to the cleanse will vary from individual to individual e.g., one person may just feel nauseous, while another may experience a lot of fatigue, while, yet another person may experience mild diarrhea for the first few days and still others may experience no reaction at all

Your Body’s Reaction to Urine Therapy Depends On the Condition Of Your Body

A lot depends on the condition of your body, and how toxic or diseased it may be at the initial start of urine therapy. The length of time it takes for one to pass through the cleansing crisis also varies, again depending upon one’s state of health.

If reactions seem to be more than you can handle, decrease your intake until it’s at a level you can handle. Stay there for two or three days and gradually increase Your level of intake assessing how You’re feeling– pulling back and increasing as You feel comfortable doing.

Word of Caution: Do Not Drink Urine When Taking Pharmaceutical Drugs, Undergoing Chemotherapy, Radiation or Engaging in Illicit or Recreational Drugs.

Urine Therapy Can Safely be Used in Conjunction With Herbs, Homeopathy, and Vitamins

Drinking Your own urine can be the natural anti-aging skin care You have been looking for. Before being too put off, do a little research, and find out for yourself how effectively this time-tested remedy can help you Get Rid of Wrinkles and feel young again!  Again,  do Your research! If You look, You can find tons of urine therapy information online.

Now, when You get an opportunity, look for this book “The Water Of Life-A Treatise On Urine Therapy” by Physician J.W. Armstrong. Dr. Armstrong documents and details His years of successful treatment of many conditions and diseases using urine therapy.

Do Not be Afraid to Experiment With Yourself After All it’s Your Show and You’re in Charge

Also know that drinking Your urine is not a panacea for all that ails You. Think of Your urine as one more tool that You carry in Your arsenal to keep Yourself healthy.

…And …You may drink Your urine straight from the tap, chilled or mixed with juice. So…Drink From Your Own Cistern the Waters of Life!

Ah…Yes …I know You’re Wondering…

Ah…yes …I know You’re wondering, and the answer is Yes! I have been drinking My own urine on the average of twelve ounces each morning for 30 years. I rub it on my face and neck and let drops of urine wash out my eyes every morning. And whenever I feel like  I’m coming down with something I drink My urine all day and it generally clears right up

There is so much I could tell You about My own urine therapy experiences, but I Suggest and Encourage You to get Your Own!

Oh, by the way I have written this article focused on women, but many men are also concerned about the anti-aging process and really want to maintain Their vitality. So,

Urine Therapy is Equally as Important and Helpful for Men as it is for Women!

So, Men…Feel Free to DRINK Hardy From Your Own Cistern and Stay Healthy!!